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WordPress Admin – Removing ‘Add New’ on Page template

I'm working on a networked Wordpress site at the moment. Part of the task is to create a theme for the subsites within the network that the Super Admin can activate and automatically cause the admin panel for the subsite to be fully configured. This means that not only are the menu options all customised (with many removed) but the default Wordpress page, post and comment are all customised. There is also an additional page called 'Gallery Page' created automatically when the theme is activated. Less admin overhead, a new subsite can be created and configured in a couple of clicks. The one thing that was annoying me is that there is an additional 'Add New' link in ... Read more

Next Gen Gallery – Random Images in Widget

It's been a while since I've had reason to deploy Alex Rabe's fantastic Next Gen Gallery in a Wordpress build. I'm currently producing Craft Town Scotland's site and decided to use the Next Gen Slideshow widget for the blog sidebar. There is a bug which prevents the gallery using random images though, if you leave the gallery dropdown menu blank it will automatically start the slideshow from the newest gallery. I had a quick look to see if I could spot it, but it's a weighty plugin so rather than waste a lot of time I just created the widget object in the sidebar.php template. Doing it this way enables you to display the slideshow from ... Read more

Networked WordPress Sites – Sharing Main Navigation

I'm currently involved in a Wordpress job that is using the networked features. Takes a bit of getting used to, but a fantastically powerful way to give users creative control over their own Wordpress subsites, but at the same time tying them into the parent brand. In this instance we are creating Wordpress subsites, but we want those sites to have the main parent site's navigation system. How do you do this? It's actually incredibly easy and involves using the switch_to_blog method. Just prior to the call to the navigation methods we switched to the 'parent blog' which was blog number 1, And then afterwards you switch back to the current blog to process the rest ... Read more

No Featured Image – Networked WordPress Sites

Here's a gotcha for anyone getting to grips with Networked Wordpress sites (what used to be known as Wordpress MU prior to 3.1). Normally you would enable Featured Images by adding the following to your functions.php file in your theme folder; However if you are running networked sites this won't work....unless you have already authorised image upload in the Network settings. Change view to 'Network Admin' and then select the Settings -> Network Settings option. In your 'Upload Settings' section, ensure that image upload is enabled. You're back in business. Thanks ... Read more