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jQuery Isotope – Filtering Results for URL

This one may well help somebody out. Working on the Face Group wordpress site at the moment and I'm using Isotope, a jQuery plugin designed to create magical layouts. It's the big brother of Masonry, an excellent bit of work by David DeSandro at Metafizzy. The Filtering function is fantastic, it allows you to give the user the ability to filter and reload the layout dynamically, using tags or a defined list. In the case of the Face site, I wrote a custom Wordpress query which mimics wp_list_categories and loads in the category list and creates the nav menu to work with the Isotope filtering instructions here. Trouble is that only works when you're ... Read more

Magento Nav Menu in IE7 & 8

This is one of those gotchas that make a developer's life very difficult. It's a Magento site I'm working on at the moment, I've taken it over from another developer who got in a bit of a fankle with it. After doing a few days work I realise during final testing that the navigation menu no longer works in IE7 nd IE8. The hover states don't work, the drop downs don't appear. As I'd restyled the site, and the navigation menu, I naturally assume I've made some mistake with the CSS and spend some time working through it to establish what I've done. Couldn't find anything so loaded in CSS from a Magento site which I knew worked. ... Read more