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Exclude Posts from Search Results

I thought I'd stick a post together for this, but to be honest I'm tempted to really call it 'Exclude Posts from Search Results - A Classic Example of Excessive Plugin Use'. There can be good reasons why you'd want to exclude certain post categories from the search results in Wordpress - the trouble is that if you Google it you end up looking through the plugin repository and you might end up installing one of them.  I was looking at one just now.  Don't get me wrong, I have the greatest of respect for anyone who writes a plugin and uploads it for general use, keeps it updated, supports users in the forums.  Hats off to them, it can be a ... Read more

Cufon in IE8

I don't use Cufon much these days, I prefer to use @font-face if possible.  I still use it from time to time though (say what you like, it does render the fonts absolutely beautifully) and of course I sometimes have to work on sites which have employed it. This is just a quick post because I came across an unusual situation this morning - a site which was failing to render menu items in Cufon in IE8 only.  IE7 and IE9 were fine, and allt he other fonts were displaying fine in IE8 - just this menu that was failing to. Found the solution in this Drupal forum thread .  Added the following CSS to the IE8 conditional stylesheet and all ... Read more

Magento – Worldpay Module

I've used it on a few sites but I'm not a big fan of Worldpay in general.  From a completely non-Magento point of view some of the admin functionality in their web interface is just terrible -  I've had to help clients who were struggling to do basic things like export forms and locate specific transactions (things you would expect to be nice and easy - they weren't!!). Worldpay haven't had the foresite to do what SagePay have done and commission a developer to create and support an official module which they give out for free, instead it's been left to a German developer called Phoenix.  While they've done a great job, you find that the payment module is lagging behind ... Read more

Magento Breadcrumbs – Custom ‘Home’ Link

This is a quick and easy one, but useful for those who are building their Magento store as a section of a larger site.  The problem is that, by default, the Magento breadcrumbs will produce markup with the home text or icon linking through to the base url of the Magento store.  However, if your Magento installation isn't the root of the site you won't want this. You can customise the home link by creating a local version of app\code\core\Mage\Catalog\Block\Breadcrumbs.php and then hardcoding the link url as below; As per tzyganu's advice on this thread here; http://www.magentocommerce.com/boards/v/viewthread/178468/#t227643 Read more

Magento – Default Homepage

Sometimes I'm doing a Magento build and e-commerce isn't the main focus of the site. It happens quite a lot, I end up doing the main site in, say, Wordpress and then installing Magento in a subdirectory that's accessible from the main site through the menu as 'Shop' or something similar. The thing is, when you do that you often want the Magento site to load stright into a single main container category rather than the default CMS page. You do this by changing the System → Configuration → Web, Default Web URL from cms to the following catalog/category/view/id/category_id Replacing category_id with the category number. Read more

Magento – Category Descriptions & Images

I hate it when you spend time trying to get something to work - then realised that you've already solved this same problem before and really should have remembered. Must blog more!! Anyway this one relates to Magento Category descriptions and images. Using the method Won't work unless you amended the Mage_Catalog_Block_Navigation class. Take a local copy of Mage/Catalog/Block/Navigation.php and ensure that the getCurrentChildCategories() method works like below. Note there's an interesting point on Stackoverflow about removing the load() call prior to returning it. public function getCurrentChildCategories() { $layer = Mage::getSingleton('catalog/layer'); $category = $layer->getCurrentCategory(); ... Read more