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Custom Attribute Tab in Magento Easy Tabs

This is a post to pull together info from a whole bunch of different threads and sources (Magento boards, Stackoverflow and some other random blogs I found). Template Master Easy Tabs are quite widely used in Magento installations (30K+ downloads, I see from Magento Connect). It's a good free module that allows you to control and customise the tabbed collateral information section on a Magento product view page. You can active the standard Magento tabs - description, additional, tags, reviews etc. You can also add custom tabs listing a specific attribute, this is handy is you have a text area attribute such as 'Features' that allows the client to add in a list of free-form bullet points. There is also ... Read more

Magento Analytics Conversion Tracking

When you do e-commerce sites it's pretty obvious how to track your conversions - they will appear in sales in the Dashboard! However, sometimes you also get asked to add Google Analytics conversion tracking code just because the client wants all their statistics in one place. So the analytics guy will send through a request asking you to place a specific piece of code on the successful transaction 'Thank You' page. Very easy to do. You need to add an new before_body_end block in the one_page_checkout_success section of checkout.xml in your layouts folder. One Page Checkout Success ... Read more

Adding a ‘New Product’ icon in Magento for new products

This is actually quick and easy but if you are new to Magento custom attributes you might struggle to work out how to set things up and then access the value of your attribute on the front end. What I am talking about here is setting up a flag for the product, if it's set to 'Yes' (ie the product is a new product) then a little icon or banner appears in the corner of the image. Like this; So, first things first. You need to set up a new Attribute in Catalogue -> Attributes -> Manage Attributes . Set is as a boolean, give it an id of new_product. ... Read more

Magento & Campaign Monitor

Fontis produced and now support a Magento module which integrates the standard Magento newsletter features with Campaign Monitor. I like it, it's a lot more lightweight than the ebizmarts MailChimp integration, and easier to implement. My reasoning for this is that you don't have to install and configure separate newsletter templates and tweak with a million settings. Whilst I am sure there are some users who take advantage of all the config options in the MailChimp module, for the vast majority a simple 'Add an API key and it just goes onto the mailing list' is the way forward. Fontis have also produced some good documentation for the module. I always refer ... Read more

Shopatron & Magento integration

At the moment I'm in in the middle of integrating a Magento installation with the Shopatron fulfilment and ordering system. Shopatron - so far I've decided that it sounds either like; Megatron's high maintenance Transformer mistress (who he wines and dines whilst poor old Mumatron is at home minding the Kidatrons). Magento vs Shopatron - that was Wrestlemania 7, right? Some kind of unscary android baddie from a cheap eighties Sci-Fi show, that maybe looks a bit like Metal Mickey or the aliens from the Smash adverts. Anyway, it's quite an interesting concept - basically it's a system which allows manufacturers to start selling online without cannibalising the sales in their distribution chain, pissing off off the retailer clients who they are ... Read more