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Magento – Deleted Shop view causes Category 404

Right, that is the best title I can come up with so that any poor soul who was struggling with what I've just been struggling with can hopefully find this and get some answers. There wasn't much else out there on this that I could find. Magento Website/Store Name/Store View issues. One of the biggest selling points of Magento is the ability to run what, from the outside, look like multiple e-commerce installations all from the same base installation. By this we mean different stores which can look totally different, possibly have different urls but can also potentially share a cart, share account details, promotional info, customer groups. All good stuff. I've just completed a site that used ... Read more

CSS Transitions on BBC Style Scroller

Seems like ages since I did a blog post so I'm going to ease myself into it gently with a quick one about CSS and a slider. So I am building a custom Wordpress site at the moment on behalf of The Loft up in Glasgow for a financial services company. I won't say who at the moment but I'll come back and Add a link when it's done. There is going to be an HTML5 animated splash page a bit like the Apple one that they did when they won the rights to sell the Beatles back catalogue on iTunes. It will also have a BBC style homepage slider that couples some aspects of the Goldman Sachs slider ... Read more