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Magento Community vs Enterprise Editions

I thought I would copy out and publish this - it's actaully from a series of emails to a new client which took place last December. He decided to use Magento as he wanted to use the Synoptive product configurator. However, he didn't know anything about Magento and being a very diligent and experienced project manager he didn't just Google it, he phoned them up. In his reply to me he said; I have initiated discussions with Magento and hope to get more information this week. For the size of company we are Magento Go is the obvious and clear winner over Magento Enterprise. Hmm..... Seems the Magento rep must have forgotten to mention Magento Community Edition, lol! We've all ... Read more

Magento – Hide content based on IP address

This post will be useful to anybody who has been asked to hide or display Magento content (specifically prices and add to cart stuff) based on visitor IP. As a kickoff you can read my initial Stackoverflow question on it. I can't say who the client was (NDA) in this case but here's the synopsis; They are a UK based manufacturer and they don't want to compete with their worldwide supply chain, so they want; 1. All users with IPs originating in North America get redirected to a totally different website (non-Magento, nothing to do with me) ideally with a redirect message. 2. All user with IPs originating anywhere other than North America, The UK and ... Read more

Magento on PHP upgrade from 5.2.11 to 5.2.17

I've got a VPS which was running PHP 5.2.11 and I decided to upgrade it as; A: There wasn't any massive changes between those versions and B: The Magento minimum system requirements as of right now are 5.2.13 to 5.3.15 Ideally I would have upgraded the whole box to 5.3 but there is an old 1.3 Magento installation on it with a good client who has no scope to upgrade things right now. I've been advised by the hosts Nublue that it just won't work on 5.3 so for the moment we have an interim upgrade. Wasn't really expecting any massive problems but this is Magento we are talking about here. ... Read more