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TimThumb.php – 500 Internal Server Error

I haven't been using TimThumb for my dynamic image resizing and cropping for a while now. There is a good script by the guy called Syamil who runs Aqua Graphite that uses the Wordpress built in functions -> you can see it here; http://themeforest.net/forums/thread/aqua-resizer-resize-wordpress-images-on-the-fly/64990 I've seen it incorporated into a few commercial Wordpress themes. There's also this one by Matthew Ruddy which I really like; http://matthewruddy.github.com/Wordpress-Timthumb-alternative/ These methods are great - you can say good bye to the description in a metabox or your docs saying 'use an image XXpx wide and YYpx high' to the client (who probably doesn't have a clue how to resize and optimise images using ... Read more