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Magento admin dashboard 404 with multiple store

Exactly what is says in the title. When you have multiple store views or store groups you login to the admin and instead of the dashboard you get a 404 panel (in the main admin content section - the same thing you get when you install a module and don't logout/login again); This happens irrespective of whether you add the store codes to the URLs in System -> Configuration -> General -> Web. Although, if you logout and log back in again it doesn't happen which makes me think it is also related to the cookie expiration. This is one of those really annoying ones where I knew I'd solved it before ... Read more

MAGMI – Image import

I've been using the mighty MAGMI to speed up importing a Magento catalog that has a lot of configurable products and MAGMI has been doing a great job of it. Just run into one issue though with respect to the images. MAGMI has an Image attributes processor option in the Itemprocessors section at the bottom; This lets you rename images, overwrite images, pull in remote images, add them as 'Extra Product Images', determine whether they are the Base, Small or Thumbnail, exclude them.... http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/magmi/index.php?title=Image_attributes_processor ...however it doesn't actually appear to let you resize them (unless I'm doing something wrong - answers on a postcard). So after my massive import I realise ... Read more