Fountainhead are a specialist designer, fabricator and installer of incredible water features and fountains. This Wordpress site was a custom build based on Neil Holroyd's designs and the client's input.
The Project and Concept pages use jQuery Isotope loading in post content via AJAX.

Witty and insightful observations on the world? Sorry to disappoint, this is a techie blog purely for self reference - published online in the hope it will help others!


A Wordpress site for Fountainhead - a London based company who design, fabricate and install amazing water features and fountains. Based on Pierce Film-Lid's designs, with a lot of input from the client, the main thrust of the development from my point of view was the Project and Concept pages. Each page pulls in the content from a custom post type and lays out in a grid format. When the user clicks on the image, the Isotope reLayout method is called, and an AJAX function resizes the containing element and animates the content in. It's not that easy to do this kind of work, which is why you don't see it too much. Very rewarding when you get ... Read more

Thorne Events

This is the sister theme to Thorne Travel, another example of the re-usability of Wordpress themes in businesses with multiple faces. This theme took on a more playful look and feel, taking it's inspiration from the branding done by Cameron Syme at It has an AJAX driven trips page, allowing the user to filter results on the fly by date. The admins can select background images from a directory full of them in a drop down custom metabox in each page & post. I have also set up widget positions to allow affiliate links to be easily added to the two sidebars on the site. Read more

Thorne Travel

A Wordpress site for travel agents Thorne Travel. Thorne are a very customer-centric agency so it was decided that the staff would introduce themselves via a blog, and would also submit their own reviews on holiday experiences. The staff set up Gravatars for an added personal touch, these feed through to the blog posts and reviews. The tricky bit on this site was the custom reviews system. There are a few Wordpress plugins out there (some of them very good) that do a very basic job of offering a submittal form which is run through the comments engine. That's fine but the requirement was for the users to upload up to four images, which would be ... Read more

Village Inn

A Wordpress site for a bar and restaurant, the legendary 'Muddy' from my home town - renovated, restored, re-invigorated and ready for business once again. And they are doing a really great job, so it was important for them to have a website that communicated that. The site uses a Javascript backstretch technique that is integrated into the backend so that local images can be presented fullscreen as backdrops. There is an AJAX based menu system on the front end, a good way to present a large menu on a single page without the page ending up enormous. The feedback system allows users to submit a rating and message. They are processed through the Wordpress comments engine, so they can ... Read more



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