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Old Diary Brewery

This was a reskin of an existing site for one of Westbrook Creative's longstanding clients. It is an e-commerce site built on the Shopp plugin for Wordpress, and using the additional Sagepay module for secure checkout. For SEO reasons I also pulled in the blog run by the master brewer on Blogspot, importing it into Wordpress and styling it. There is a store locator plugin in the site which required a bit of custom work to get it going, it shows the pubs in which the real ale is sold around the Kent and Essex area. Read more


The design is deceptively clean and simple but this was a big job. Dig a little deeper and you'll see that it has a full 'Facebook' style social networking component styled and integrated into it. It also has a full e-commerce installation linked through to Paypal Pro. As with all large, in-depth bespoke systems a lot of time has to be spent writing proper documentation so that the users are comfortable with the processes and confident about maximising the value of system as a business tool. This site also features an array of content management options, including file, media and image uploads, and the ability to insert thumbnail/lightbox galleries easily. Read more



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