A networked Wordpress site with three individual themes, auto set-up custom admin panel for sub-sites on sub-domains. When the super admin creates a new site the whole sub site is set up and configured automatically.

Witty and insightful observations on the world? Sorry to disappoint, this is a techie blog purely for self reference - published online in the hope it will help others!

Craft Town Scotland

A networked Wordpress site (the system that used to be known as Wordpress MU). This was quite a meaty project. The super admin for the site is able to spawn new sub-sites on subdomains for the Studios and Crafters that work in West Kilbride. This is achieved in only a few clicks - facilitated by a custom theme which massively reduces the admin overhead by automating much of the process when activated. The theme also catered for the sub-site users to choose their own skin, run their own blog, and manage their own galleries. Read more



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