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Irvine Movements

This is a nice, simple little Wordpress site that is designed to showcase the client's services in a well Search Engine Optimised manner. I did the appropriate keyword research, identifying the keywords being used by Google users for the Irvine Movements services. I applied the results of this to the copy, together with similar research done on localisation keywords. The upshot is a tidy 6 page site which has been heavily optimised to deliver on a commercial level. There's not a huge list of technical points for this job - it's an example of how a simple little brochure site can be cost-effectively produced and delivered. Read more

Beauty Lounge

This was a rescue job on a Magento 1.3 site which had been poorly done. The previous agency had some nice design and content ideas, and had done an acceptable job of customising the Magento Modern theme. However, the SEO was absolutely appalling (all the content had been rendered as images), and there were a whole raft of useability mistakes that meant the site wasn't performing commercially. All of the content was re-rendered using HTML and CSS. The home page was reconfigured for Featured Products. The taxation was set-up, and the images and product page layout redone. The default callouts were removed. Shipping was set up and the cart was customised to include the shipping cost at the cart stage. ... Read more


A a high-end, top quality interactive estate agent's site built using Wordpress - but with all the property listing information fed from another system. Dehotun use the Vebralive estate agent's software package to manage their client listings. Quite rightly, they don't want their operatives to have to type the same information into more than one system, so the information shown in the website is fed from Vebra via a nightly batch run and executed using a cronjob. This is effectively a personalised property portal. Read more

Fairlie Tree Services

A very simple CMS site for young Graeme (my most youthful brother). It's effectively a little six page brochure site that introduces each area of expertise, but time was spent on the keywords research and the subsequent SEO. I added it to Google Local Business and I have to say that good results in the search engines (the SERPS as they are known) were pretty much instantaneous. On a technical level there's not much to note, although there is a nice Javascript based parallax effect in the masthead which isn't too heavy on the image loading times. Short, sweet, cheap and effective - the way it should be for small business websites. Read more


The previous website was 4 years old, and needed redone. For this job I also developed the content, and took charge of the SEO. The site hasn't been up long but initial analysis reveals that it is already enjoying much improved rankings for it's business specific keywords. The group, Surface Technology plc, is a company which I've done a fair bit of work for, including setting up their Malaysian coatings facility. I never managed to blag a trip out to Perth, Australia for this one - it goes to show though, often there's not really a huge requirement to work face-to-face with your web designer. Read more



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