Getting back into shape

So after almost 3 years of parenthood and slowly getting more and more unfit and sluggish I decided last February to get myself back in the gym and get fit again.

It was a pretty slow process, started off in the pool for a few months, then into the gym. Now feeling great, fitter than I’ve ever been I’d say (even when I was very fit at the end of my twenties). The office I’m in is pretty focussed on health and fitness, we eat healthily during the day, no snacks and no sugar. Given what we do (and what the e-commerce sites are based on) we take supplements of various sorts. I take test boosters, mixing it up between TestoFuel and Prime Male. Now I’ve hit 40 I’m taking more Prime Male, if you want to read a really thorough review of it you can do so here -> Prime Male Review

It’s not something I knew much about before starting this e-commerce job but I’m turning into a bit of an expert as I’m working on it all day everyday. Also taking a bit of creatine every now and again and citroline too, but not as part of a proper regime, just whenever I’m in the mood.

If you are in your late thirties or forties and thought your best days were all behind you, think again – get back into it, there might well be plenty life left in you yet!