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Tienda – Removing Shipping Address

I'm a big fan of Tienda, I think it's a fantastic e-commerce plugin for anybody who has a Joomla site.  If the main focus of the site is e-commerce I'd always recommend using Magento, but for an e-commerce add-on then Tienda takes a bit of beating. It's not really suitable for beginners in my mind though, although that's more to do with the nature of e-commerce rather than of the Tienda extension.  There's no such thing as a 'standard e-commerce implemenation' - every one requires some kind of customisation.  One of aspects that might be required is the ability to remove the separate shipping address in the checkout. Why would this be important?  Well if you use SagePay in the UK, one ... Read more

Tienda Documentation

I believe it's important to have detailed systems documentation, I wrote about it here -> the importance of good Systems Documentation. Open source systems tend to be lacking in documentation because they are fast moving, rapidly changing projects and everyone wants to be involved in the glamourous stuff, not stuck writing systems documentation.  I stumbled across this Tienda User Guide which Tessa Kriesel has shared. This can give users a good overview of the Tienda system, although I would normally provide my clients with a bespoke document suited to their system.  This is especially important if it's been customised and looks or acts differently to a standard implentation.  Tessa's document is an excellent guide though. Read more

Joomla CMS Sites

Joomla is a long established CMS, and I've been around the Joomla block a few times ourselves.  It's not ideal for every job, but for certain applications it is unbeatable thanks to well produced system extensions. Joomla is a free, open source content management system built using PHP and the MVC framework.  There are three major releases - 1.0, 1.5 and, as of January 2011, 1.6.  All of my Joomla builds are based on 1.5 and I have made the decision to stick with that particular release for the moment, with a view to moving my Joomla sites to the 1.7 version when it is released.  Why?  One of the main benefits of Joomla is the vast scope and quality available ... Read more