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Magento Nav Menu in IE7 & 8

This is one of those gotchas that make a developer's life very difficult. It's a Magento site I'm working on at the moment, I've taken it over from another developer who got in a bit of a fankle with it. After doing a few days work I realise during final testing that the navigation menu no longer works in IE7 nd IE8. The hover states don't work, the drop downs don't appear. As I'd restyled the site, and the navigation menu, I naturally assume I've made some mistake with the CSS and spend some time working through it to establish what I've done. Couldn't find anything so loaded in CSS from a Magento site which I knew worked. ... Read more

prettyPhoto and Magento

********** EDIT - I just used prettyPhoto version 3.1.4 on a Magento site and it didn't need customised at all. The code had been refactored since this was originally written and now works slightly differently ************** If you Google 'PrettyPhoto Magento' there's not much coming up in the results (in Sept 2011). A whole dose of links to some paid-for extensions in Magento Connect which have dead links to the demo page, and links to a '360 degree' extension which contains a demo which doesn't seem to involve prettyPhoto. Hmmmph. So I suppose I better write one! Including prettyPhoto in Magento turned out to be prettyEasy, except for one important aspect which I'll cover at the end. Let's ... Read more

Magento E-Commerce

I've been involved with Magento since version 1.3. *Edit - since I wrote this post I did some work on a fully operational 1.0 site - a grand old lady of the Magento world!* I deliver custom Magento builds with bespoke, standard implementations using themes, and also handle updates and rescues on existing Magento sites.   If you've been involved in e-commerce for a while then there's a chance you'll already have been introduced to Magento, or have heard a thing or two about it. If you are venturing into e-commerce for the first time then let me introduce you - Magento is an open source e-commerce platform which comes in three flavours....the free community version, the professional version and the enterprise ... Read more