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Igniyte, Guide to Personal Online Reputation

This is a post penned by my good friend Simon Wadsworth at igniyte.com - he's the man to talk to about any online reputation management issues you might be faced with either as an individual or a corporate body. His contact details are at the bottom; ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Defamatory or negative comments online content can cause distress, reputation issues and loss of business for some people. Negative content online causes pressure not only directly to individuals, but to their friends, family and colleagues. The majority of our customers are high profile individuals and companies (from small start-up businesses to huge global corporations). Igniyte receives a high number of enquiries from individuals who need help with specific issues they have been facing ... Read more

Custom Facebook Feed based on Graph API

First of all, this is a copy of my Stackoverflow answer here; I really dislike Facebook. They constantly change the way things are done and make it difficult for developers to work out what the changes are and what the new methods should be. Designers don't really appreciate this, they just stick in custom facebook feeds on their scamps, the clients love them and then we have to work out how to do it! It used to be easy to access an RSS feed from a public Facebook page. In truth it still is, the reason it can be hard for some is that all the blog posts and resources are out of date on it ('how ... Read more