This is a Wordpress site for Harrogate based Face Group using Isotope, David DeSandro's jQuery extension. The template produced handles portfolio items in a grid system which allows entries to be formatted to up to ten columns and rows, although they've decided to standardise the look by keeping each entry the same on the main home page.
The system works by passing the filter data attribute across in a cookie which is created and destroyed via Javascript as the user moves between the main portfolio page and the other pages on the site.

Face Group

Face Group are a Harrogate based media agency who specialise in print campaigns for the higher education sector. They have a huge body of work so they wanted a site that could showcase that work in an attractive and accessible way, and be simple and quick to update.

Neil Holroyd (who also designed this site) created designs and we decided to use WordPress as the platform because we do a lot of WordPress work together and he is used to updating the back end (and used to the way I build WordPress sites, so he knows how I set them up and could get up and running straight away).

The main focus of the site is the home page, and the main talking point about the job is the dynamic Javascript filter which allows the user to reduce down the list of relevant portfolio entries using the Work submenu. That submenu is created dynamically based on the Work post categories. The filters themselves are methods within Isotope, the big brother to the free Masonry jQuery plugin which is in common use. The tricky part was keeping the filter functionality working even when the user was on a different page. You can read my blog post about this here -> Isotope Filtering.