Custom Wordpress theme for Leeds Beautician Kate Cottle based on a print brochure designed by Mark Savage.
Features include: Custom on-page link slider plugin, rotated vertical text, jQuery background image

Kate Cottle

This was a challenge – there was a really nicely done print brochure, but it had a huge number of very small sections in it and I felt that if each section was to be turned into a page within the CMS, then there would be a lot of empty pages. In the end I decided to put them all on one supercharged landing page.

I wrote a function which pulled in each page within the site and rendered them out as a distinct section complete with it’s own anchor ID which linked to the autogenerated menu, given a fixed CSS position.

The menu uses a WordPress plugin I wrote myself which automates any on-page links to ensure that the page scrolls/slides to the id when clicked.