Kris Howes designed Wordpress and Magento inline store with custom configurator. A good example of a collaborative project - I handled the Wordpress, Kris designed it, and a Magento development agency handled the Magento customisation.

Slipstream Bikes

The Slipstream site is a combination of Magento & WordPress, but I only handled the WordPress side of things (the Magento site involved a very tricky configurator which really required a team of developers to complete). However, this is a good example of a job involving numerous different parties working well together to deliver the project. In this case it was Kris who was organising and managing the different parties along with the client Seb Horner.

The WordPress installation itself isn’t really all that remarkable, the standout aspect was the fact that I delivered a pixel perfect development relative to the designs. This involved reworking the Nivo Slider to create a sliding thumbnail scroller (quite a bit of custom Javascript work). There is also a nice news filtering system, and the sidebars are driven from the WordPress posts system.