UK Lift

UK Lift is a lead generation site run by Igniyte, a lead generation specialist based in Shipley, Yorkshire. The site is a WordPress site using the full gamut of SEO based tools and enhancements, running on posts created professionally by copy writers. As such, it dominates the rankings for it’s terms

There’s nothing hugely technical about the site, the one slightly trickier aspect was integrating the Gravity Forms based enquiries form (which is the main revenue driver for the site) with the API for Acorn Stairlifts, one of the partner agencies. Once the form has been submitted as series of conditionals run to determine which recipients are to receive the lead (based on the type of stairlift chosen). After the emails have been sent the callback function connects to the Acorn API and passes the information across to their in-house lead system before transerring the user to the ‘Thank You’ page.