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The previous website was 4 years old, and needed redone. For this job I also developed the content, and took charge of the SEO. The site hasn't been up long but initial analysis reveals that it is already enjoying much improved rankings for it's business specific keywords. The group, Surface Technology plc, is a company which I've done a fair bit of work for, including setting up their Malaysian coatings facility. I never managed to blag a trip out to Perth, Australia for this one - it goes to show though, often there's not really a huge requirement to work face-to-face with your web designer. Read more

Plaster Master

Trade sites can often look pretty awful, because they are often created using templates sold by trade indexing companies like ufindus. Despite their nasty looks, tradespeople can end up spending a lot of money to have their site appear on an index. These days, with the Google Local Business service, you can have good search engine positioning with a simple, well crafted brochure site. A four page site like this one doesn't cost much, but can make all the difference to your business. It's full of key terms and readable, friendly copy. Read more



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