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The design is deceptively clean and simple but this was a big job. Dig a little deeper and you'll see that it has a full 'Facebook' style social networking component styled and integrated into it. It also has a full e-commerce installation linked through to Paypal Pro. As with all large, in-depth bespoke systems a lot of time has to be spent writing proper documentation so that the users are comfortable with the processes and confident about maximising the value of system as a business tool. This site also features an array of content management options, including file, media and image uploads, and the ability to insert thumbnail/lightbox galleries easily. Read more

Fairlie Tree Services

A very simple CMS site for young Graeme (my most youthful brother). It's effectively a little six page brochure site that introduces each area of expertise, but time was spent on the keywords research and the subsequent SEO. I added it to Google Local Business and I have to say that good results in the search engines (the SERPS as they are known) were pretty much instantaneous. On a technical level there's not much to note, although there is a nice Javascript based parallax effect in the masthead which isn't too heavy on the image loading times. Short, sweet, cheap and effective - the way it should be for small business websites. Read more

Cameron Contracts

The idea behind the site is to sell a housing development off-plan by enabling potential buyers to easily visualise the different styles of house. This has been achieved by building 3D models of the houses in Sketchup and rendering them using iRender NXT. Video tours are much easier, and therefore much cheaper to produce, but the downside is that you have to wait until the property has been built and fully furnished before you can produce them. CGI is a useful option, but probably only a realistic one if it's likely to be a particularly large development, or if the value of the homes being modelled is very high (or if they really need sold off-plan!). Read more

NA Women’s Aid

North Ayrshire Women's Aid needed a content managed site, which would appeal to women. They had a logo and some videos which had been produced for them by the national Women's Aid organisation. This job included the delivery of a secure Forum to enable women in remote areas, or those unable to access the 1-to-1 service, to receive counselling and support online. The job was done to the client's design, and with the follow-on training they were able to further customise the site themselves. Read more

Tigh Tuithe

This is a small site powered by a Joomla! CMS. The idea was to create a site which showed off the holiday house, but also promote the area by compiling a catalogue of all the nearby activities and restaurants for holiday makers. The site includes a tag cloud to promote key words in a non-intrusive way, a weather feed for the area (with a four day outlook), and light boxes for the images. There is a satellite map in the contact section which shows interested parties how fantastic the location is for their holiday. Read more

Myrtle Park Juniors

A site for a sports club. Quite clean in style and very simple to use, as we wanted to encourage the lads as well as the managers to use the site. It's broken down into individual teams, with every manager being able to add to the News and Match Reports for his team. The site has proved to very useful as a way of disseminating information, and encouraging newcomers to come along and find out more about the club. As with most of the sites I do, there is an integrated search function that allows users to find a specific item within the site. Read more



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