Fountainhead are a specialist designer, fabricator and installer of incredible water features and fountains. This Wordpress site was a custom build based on Neil Holroyd's designs and the client's input.
The Project and Concept pages use jQuery Isotope loading in post content via AJAX.

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A Wordpress site for Fountainhead - a London based company who design, fabricate and install amazing water features and fountains. Based on Pierce Film-Lid's designs, with a lot of input from the client, the main thrust of the development from my point of view was the Project and Concept pages. Each page pulls in the content from a custom post type and lays out in a grid format. When the user clicks on the image, the Isotope reLayout method is called, and an AJAX function resizes the containing element and animates the content in. It's not that easy to do this kind of work, which is why you don't see it too much. Very rewarding when you get ... Read more

Auchengree Farm

Auchengree Farm are a farm shop based in Ayrshire Scotland. They are a classic 'best kept secret' of a business, those in the know love them and their incredible products (if you like steak pies they are unbeatable, and my dad describes their sausage rolls as 'deadly', which is high praise indeed). The trouble is that being a secret, best kept or otherwise, is not that great for business. Enter the new overhauled Magento e-commerce system, designed by me as well as produced. This system features a fully integrated Wordpress install which utilises the Magento templates to deliver the theme. System Features also include; jQuery text sizer Modal windows for logins Payment Sense payment processing Content slider integrated with the backend Modal mini ... Read more

Les Fougeres

A Wordpress site with a custom theme designed to the client's specifications. The main feature in this case has to be the bookings system. The hotel, in La Tzoumaz, Switzerland, has 4 individual and unique rooms so the booking system is set to take bookings and display availability on each individual room. Users can flick through the AJAX calendar widget to view available dates, then block them out and submit a booking via the integrated form. The admin is notified by email and the booking request comes through the Wordpress backend, is highlighted in the 'Right Here' section of the Dashboard, and can be reviewed and modified. If it's acceptable the admin confirms it, the user is notified ... Read more

Old Diary Brewery

This was a reskin of an existing site for one of Westbrook Creative's longstanding clients. It is an e-commerce site built on the Shopp plugin for Wordpress, and using the additional Sagepay module for secure checkout. For SEO reasons I also pulled in the blog run by the master brewer on Blogspot, importing it into Wordpress and styling it. There is a store locator plugin in the site which required a bit of custom work to get it going, it shows the pubs in which the real ale is sold around the Kent and Essex area. Read more

UK Lift

UK Lift is a lead generation site run by Igniyte, a lead generation specialist based in Shipley, Yorkshire. The site is a Wordpress site using the full gamut of SEO based tools and enhancements, running on posts created professionally by copy writers. As such, it dominates the rankings for it's terms There's nothing hugely technical about the site, the one slightly trickier aspect was integrating the Gravity Forms based enquiries form (which is the main revenue driver for the site) with the API for Acorn Stairlifts, one of the partner agencies. Once the form has been submitted as series of conditionals run to determine which recipients are to receive the lead (based on the type of stairlift ... Read more

Thorne Events

This is the sister theme to Thorne Travel, another example of the re-usability of Wordpress themes in businesses with multiple faces. This theme took on a more playful look and feel, taking it's inspiration from the branding done by Cameron Syme at It has an AJAX driven trips page, allowing the user to filter results on the fly by date. The admins can select background images from a directory full of them in a drop down custom metabox in each page & post. I have also set up widget positions to allow affiliate links to be easily added to the two sidebars on the site. Read more

Queens Diamond Jubilee

This was a massive job which involved me working in-house with Shipley based agency Igniyte. First of all the Wordpress site was built and launched. Custom design based on Paul Blandford's excellent work, it featured custom advertising widget positions, MailChimp integration, an interactive map for street parties including a custom form which auto-generated posts in Draft form. When reviewed a Google maps marker was automatically produced and the map recentered. After launch the Magento site got built. Multi currency (Pound, Dollar and Euro) with daily automated exchange rate updates, Worldwide shipping using Royal Mail and ParcelForce, Shipping Tracking, Cron based backup, Google Shopping, Profit reports, Admin pricing over-rides, Vodafone promotion tie-in 100% order discounts, ... Read more

File Flatners

The good thing about Wordpress is that you can develop a bespoke theme for a client and then deploy it on two separate websites very easily. This was the case here, the client scan and index documents and were setting up an operation in Malta. Leeds designer Kris Howes took the companies existing logo (which couldn't be amended) and designed a Wordpress theme, which looks very spacious and easy to absorb despite the fact some pages contain lots of keyword rich content. He also did the Cinema 4D video work on the homepage. Simple Wordpress site, including managing all the domains, email etc for the client. I also did system documentation for them. Read more

Face Group

Face Group are a Harrogate based media agency who specialise in print campaigns for the higher education sector. They have a huge body of work so they wanted a site that could showcase that work in an attractive and accessible way, and be simple and quick to update. Neil Holroyd (who also designed this site) created designs and we decided to use Wordpress as the platform because we do a lot of Wordpress work together and he is used to updating the back end (and used to the way I build Wordpress sites, so he knows how I set them up and could get up and running straight away). The main focus of the site is the home page, and the ... Read more


Moshi is an international school in Tanzania, this project involved building a custom Wordpress theme based for Face Group based on Neil Holroyd's designs. The site features a colour switcher which allows the user to apply any one of 8 predefined colour schemes on any individual page or post. It also includes an Event Calendar, Image Gallery, Document Management System as well as a customised slider driven through the Wordpress posts system. Read more



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