Kris Howes designed Wordpress and Magento inline store with custom configurator. A good example of a collaborative project - I handled the Wordpress, Kris designed it, and a Magento development agency handled the Magento customisation.

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Slipstream Bikes

The Slipstream site is a combination of Magento & Wordpress, but I only handled the Wordpress side of things (the Magento site involved a very tricky configurator which really required a team of developers to complete). However, this is a good example of a job involving numerous different parties working well together to deliver the project. In this case it was Kris who was organising and managing the different parties along with the client Seb Horner. The Wordpress installation itself isn't really all that remarkable, the standout aspect was the fact that I delivered a pixel perfect development relative to the designs. This involved reworking the Nivo Slider to create a sliding thumbnail scroller (quite a bit ... Read more

Craft Town Scotland

A networked Wordpress site (the system that used to be known as Wordpress MU). This was quite a meaty project. The super admin for the site is able to spawn new sub-sites on subdomains for the Studios and Crafters that work in West Kilbride. This is achieved in only a few clicks - facilitated by a custom theme which massively reduces the admin overhead by automating much of the process when activated. The theme also catered for the sub-site users to choose their own skin, run their own blog, and manage their own galleries. Read more

Harrison Richards

This is a custom Wordpress site was built to the designs of Kris Howes, who also did the Cinema4D work on the main headers. I love working with nice designs and I do love this design. It uses the Google font Kameron throughout, and there's a really subtle grunginess to some of the background images. The main menu took a bit of doing, it's possible to add individual CSS classes to Wordpress menu items using the Wordpress 3.0+ menu system, but you've got to hack it all a bit of you want to use a combination of menu images and rollover/current-item images. The contact/booking form uses Gravity Forms, which is a great Wordpress Forms plugin if you want to do ... Read more

Invincible Security

Invincible Fire & Security had an existing Joomla site, but wanted it replaced with something that was easy to update and performed well from and SEO standpoint. I decided to build the site in Wordpress, including a Mega Menu, jQuery Cycle client showcase, randomised testimonial feed, and automated category view. During the development process a requirement arose for a client login area. I've worked with Wordpress installs before that feature this, but they tend to be the kind of client area where all clients are given subscriber permissions and can then access the same client area. This was different, and much more granular. Each client was to get a username and password that would allow them to ... Read more

Kate Cottle

This was a challenge - there was a really nicely done print brochure, but it had a huge number of very small sections in it and I felt that if each section was to be turned into a page within the CMS, then there would be a lot of empty pages. In the end I decided to put them all on one supercharged landing page. I wrote a function which pulled in each page within the site and rendered them out as a distinct section complete with it's own anchor ID which linked to the autogenerated menu, given a fixed CSS position. The menu uses a Wordpress plugin I wrote myself which automates any on-page links to ensure ... Read more

Thorne Travel

A Wordpress site for travel agents Thorne Travel. Thorne are a very customer-centric agency so it was decided that the staff would introduce themselves via a blog, and would also submit their own reviews on holiday experiences. The staff set up Gravatars for an added personal touch, these feed through to the blog posts and reviews. The tricky bit on this site was the custom reviews system. There are a few Wordpress plugins out there (some of them very good) that do a very basic job of offering a submittal form which is run through the comments engine. That's fine but the requirement was for the users to upload up to four images, which would be ... Read more


The McKenzie UK Consultancy site is another prime example of a situation where Wordpress can be used to deliver a really high quality end result on a slim budget. The consultancy are not just a not-for-profit organisation - they are in effect a 'not-for-turnover' organisation. They don't charge for their service, so value for money was crucial here. A poor online brand image would undermine the quality of the service they provide though, so it was important to properly reflect their high standards. I think we did pretty well. A couple of days work produced a nice clean looking Wordpress site that's well optimised, and contains some well laid out and readable content that communicates their core values and service ... Read more

Village Inn

A Wordpress site for a bar and restaurant, the legendary 'Muddy' from my home town - renovated, restored, re-invigorated and ready for business once again. And they are doing a really great job, so it was important for them to have a website that communicated that. The site uses a Javascript backstretch technique that is integrated into the backend so that local images can be presented fullscreen as backdrops. There is an AJAX based menu system on the front end, a good way to present a large menu on a single page without the page ending up enormous. The feedback system allows users to submit a rating and message. They are processed through the Wordpress comments engine, so they can ... Read more


Wordpress was a particularly good choice of platform for the Garfield's site because the tapas and daily specials need to be updated every day. I built a 'Dishes Database' based on custom post types that meant all of the potential menu dishes could be entered in and then dragged and dropped into the correct order, or toggled between 'draft' and 'published' depending on whether they were on the menu or not. It also features a JQuery dropdown panel (click the Facebook and Twitter icons) that displays a feed of the latest twitter posts, links to the social media, and a section that allows the user to request an e-mail that contains a list of the daily specials. This has ... Read more

Caleb & Taylor

Small but perfectly formed little Wordpress site designed to showcase project work for Caleb & Taylor Ltd. The site incorporates a nice Javascript based slider on the homepage which automatically displays images and search engine optimised text. The Cufon script renders headers in classic calligraphic text, and there are various widgets which cross promote areas of the site in the sidebars. 'Latest Projects' uses the new Wordpress 3 'featured image' attribute. Neil McKinley at Caleb & Taylor is a fantastic blogger so I'll be checking back to see what he's written, his stuff is always worth a read and he gets brilliant search engine results out of it. Read more



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