A selection of the more noteworthy Magento projects I have handled, with a few of the main features highlighted and links to relevant tutorial / blog posts.

Selected Magento Projects - Freelance builds for agencies and companies

Unfotunately due to Non Disclosure Agreements the bigger jobs can't be listed here (shhhhhh..... we've got to pretend the agency did them in-house :-) ). Here's a selection of some of the smaller ones, my sincere thanks to the agencies involved who have allowed me to admit I did the work!

Auchengree Farm

Auchengree Farm are a farm shop based in Ayrshire Scotland. They are a classic ‘best kept secret’ of a business, those in the know love them and their incredible products (if you like steak pies they are unbeatable, and my dad describes their sausage rolls as ‘deadly’, which is high praise indeed). The trouble is that being a secret, best kept or otherwise, is not that great for business.

Enter the new overhauled Magento e-commerce system, designed by me as well as produced. This system features a fully integrated WordPress install which utilises the Magento templates to deliver the theme.

System Features also include;

  • jQuery text sizer
  • Modal windows for logins
  • Payment Sense payment processing
  • Content slider integrated with the backend
  • Modal mini cart