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jScrollable Custom scroll bars

I'm working on a nice little Wordpress job today. The designs are great, but the designer hasn't really catered for variable content heights (it's a list of items driven from a post category, each one has a little drop down box which displays the full post content). Something I see quite a lot to be honest, the designer uses the same piece of Lorem Ipsum for each section - that's fine but it's a CMS and the client is going to be sticking in all kinds of different content which will need to be catered for. We are left with the following list of options; The client has to create content which is exactly the same length as the ... Read more

jQuery Backstretch

Thought I'd blog my first proper stackoverflow answer; http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7125499/use-backstretch-inside-a-division-and-reduce-width-to-width-of-division/10209027#10209027 Let's see it get downvoted into the bowels of the earth :) I wanted to use backstretch to fill an element which was full width but took up only the top 560px of the screen. And if the image had to be resized larger than the original it didn't recenter vertically but was offset so the top disappeared. Yes, the link above is correct, you change the container from the body to the element you want to fill, in this case it was #backimage; Then I changed the code to assign a ... Read more

prettyGallery & Magento

I really like the stuff that Stephane Caron does at No-Margin-For-Errors, he's published some awesome jQuery plugins. For my money prettyPhoto is the best lightbox out there, and I recently had need to put a small image slider in a Magento site for a client in West Yorkshire. The main Magento product image was to load in as a background image into a version of Scott Robbin's jQuery plugin Backstretch which I customised to work on a container rather than the body tag. The designs from the agency (who I can't mention - NDA) showed that additional images were loaded into a scrollable container further down the page, so I decided to use prettyGallery. ... Read more

prettyPhoto and Magento

********** EDIT - I just used prettyPhoto version 3.1.4 on a Magento site and it didn't need customised at all. The code had been refactored since this was originally written and now works slightly differently ************** If you Google 'PrettyPhoto Magento' there's not much coming up in the results (in Sept 2011). A whole dose of links to some paid-for extensions in Magento Connect which have dead links to the demo page, and links to a '360 degree' extension which contains a demo which doesn't seem to involve prettyPhoto. Hmmmph. So I suppose I better write one! Including prettyPhoto in Magento turned out to be prettyEasy, except for one important aspect which I'll cover at the end. Let's ... Read more